letters to technology

This blog post was based on an activity I did with my class last week.

As we shift into an industrial age, it seems that we are more intimate than ever with technology.  While one used to spend the day connected to the land, toiling in hopes for a better crop, we now spend the days connected to the assembly line, a mere cog in the machinery. With that in mind, I had students write letters to personified technology.

At first, the class seemed skeptical, but over time they warmed up to the idea. Many of them chose to write multiple letters.  Something about the personal tone of a friendly letter allowed the students to think more creatively about the pros and cons of technology.  While we have analyzed media before, I noticed that the letter format encouraged my students to think deeper about the human side of technology in society.

Dear Automobile,

You will never replace the horse.  Although you might be faster, I can't imagine that mankind will choose convenience over relationships.  Besides, our city might be crowded, but where would you possibly need to go that you couldn't access on horse back?


Dear Light Bulb,

You have replaced the sun in providing warmth and illumination.  Your small filiment might be weak, but you have already managed to fade our sense of seasons.  I stood outside last night and stared at the stars and the universe felt small and manageable. Although I appreciate you, I wish you would take a few nights off so that I could have an evening of awe.


Dear Telegraph,

Maybe I am too hopeful, but I think you have the ability to spread information instantly around the world.  I'm hoping we can have a more democratic world.  Perhaps there is something we can learn from other countries and they can learn from us.



  1. Dear telegraph,

    You are the beginning of the flattening of the Earth. While this has SO many advantages, I hope we will continue to care about our local communities and not get overly wrapped up in the lives of others who live beyond our immediate physical limitations.


  2. Anonymous11:42:00 AM

    Dear Chatrooms,
    You may of made the world more global, but at the same time friends turn to lets hang out to lets chat. And chat rooms may help long distance friendships but you also changed our society in negaitive ways along with positive ways. Negative being people dont phyiscally hang out but "hang out" on the internet, which i personally think cant compete with really being with someone.

  3. WE are doing the same thing but with technology. that it is controlingus but we dont even know it.

  4. If we dont know that it is controlling us how do we overcome it or even know how to stop it?..do we want to stop technology from controlling us?..

  5. Dera book,
    You may feel lonely because of the new technologies that have been invented that in some way replace you. For example, the computer, Book MP3s. But you are still useful.