Somebody told me that if I want to be popular, productive and prone to alliteration, I need to make lists and post them on the pen pal networks.  So here goes my first list titled 100 SUPER-AMAZING WAYS TO USE PENCILS IN YOUR CLASSROOM. (Not sure why I had to add that in the body if it's in the title, but there it is)

  1. Have students draw
  2. Have students design buildings
  3. Have students create maps
  4. Have students solve algebraic expressions
  5. Have students do geometery and other math stuff
  6. Have students fill out worksheets and convince them that the goal is to complete a worksheet and to work hard rather than learn
  7. Have students write poetry
  8. Have students write letters to people in power who will have to hire a secretary who will pretend to care
  9. Have students write persuasive essays
  10. Have students write expository essays
  11. Have students write functional texts
  12. Have students write narratives
  13. Have students make comic books in "gray scale" and then claim that it's a "graphic novel" so that it sounds more sophisticated 
  14. Have students write a funeral dirge
  15. Have students write dirty limericks and blame them on their peers
Okay, I'm out of ideas.  Maybe I'll just stick to telling stories.


  1. Thank you John, you gave me a chuckle as I procrastinate from prepping. Perhaps a list of the 10 best ways to procrastinate?

  2. Enjoyed your post. Using colored pencils makes writing even more enjoyable. When we started using interactive journals last year, my students didn't complain about writing (and drawing) in their journals when they got to use their colored pencils.

  3. 16. Using a pencil to clean your ears
    17. Sending your pencil into space because it is a rocket.

  4. I like those, Alan. I've experienced both.