we still use slates

"What are these doing here?" a student asks.

"Yeah, they're slates.  You've used them, correct?"

"But this is a pencil classroom.  We have paper.  What are we doing with individual slates?"

I explain to my students that there are times when students will use paper and times for pencils and times for slates.

"But slates are so old school!" the student explains.

"True, but so is the human voice.  Don't we still discuss things in class?"

"I thought you believed in the twentieth century classroom?" the student points out.

"I believe in learning. Ultimately, that's what it's all about."


  1. Hi! I've been assigned to read your blog post through my EDM310 instructor, Dr. Strange, at University of South Alabama. I too was puzzled at the reason for slates when I just saw your title. It is intereseting that students at any age respond with, "But this is a pencil classroom." It's interesting how even students know how cut and dry our mediums are. Hopefully technology is changing that. I absolutlely love the idea of the human voice as being old school! That's exactly what I am really trying to develop in my brain before becoming a teacher. It seems like you are doing great things with these kids. Keep up the brilliant work!!
    You can check out my blog at http://davisleahedm310.blogspot.com/

  2. Hello,
    My name is Brittany Estes and I have been assigned to read your blog for my class assignment. I attend the University of South Alabama and the class I am taking is EDM 310. I read your blog and I loved the point it made. Education is about learning;whether by a computer, pen and paper, or a slate, it is still about people learning. Children should not depend just on technology to learn and I agree on taking it back old school every now and then.