changes to this blog

So, I'm changing a few things on this blog.  Nothing severe.  Same sarcasm.  Same spattering of historical references melded with thinly veiled modern metaphors.  However, I'll be doing a few things here:

  1. Adding dates to the blog posts, so that it reads like a longer chronicle of events.  In other words, a blog post one day might be April 12th and the next will be May 3rd.  
  2. With the dates, I'll be adding a side-bar of all of the events in chronological order.  
  3. Shifting toward story.  While I will still post a few rantings and ravings, I want to have a story arc and I'd like that story arc to resemble my own journey with technology (though not in any way the  exact same events.)  
  4. Make use of labels for events, ideas and characters.  You'll see what I'm talking about soon. 
  5. Link to past events within the blog post.  In other words, if I mention using Nong, it might not be bad to link it to the original post where the Nong event was mentioned.
This blog began to feel stagnant for awhile and I considered deleting it.  However, I think I just need to adjust it a bit.  It's been really fun to write it.  I've never done fiction before.


  1. I do want to encourage you to keep it up. I read a lot of education tech blogs and yours is by far the most entertaining. I really enjoy the conceit of Pencil Integration. I think all bloggers lose there motivation once in a while. I know I have, but I pushed through it. Sometimes you just have to keep it going until you get struck by inspiration again.

  2. I too would like to encourage you to keep the blog going. It has become essential reading for me.

  3. Keep it up! I find it very useful and I hope my students do too.

  4. I'll miss you if you ever decide to let the blog go completely stagnant. But please, don't delete it. I want to keep coming back to it in the future.

  5. I sincerely hope you will continue writing. This is one of the best blogs on technology integration I have seen and would love to see it grow and thrive.

  6. I want to echo Punya's thoughts. This is a terrific blog that deals so well with the psychology of what it means to be a tech integration specialist. Please keep it up!