It's a Blook

I'm not a fan of word morphology and "blook" is among the worst.  Still, I'm mentioning this because I am turning this blog into a book.  In the book format, expect to see some real departures from the blog (which I will use more as source material rather than a script, per se).  I hope to incorporate the following into the book:

  1. More of a true story arc.  Currently the blog goes all over the place with a very vague story.  I want to tell the story of tech integration using a more organic, narrative method.  
  2. More events.  Right now it's mostly dialog. I'd like to add some action. Not necessarily explosions, but at least a sense that something is happening.  
  3. More of the classroom.  I'd like to tell more stories connected to the classroom and how students engage with the learning tools.  
Overall, I think a few themes have emerged and I'd like to express these themes in a narrative:
  1. Tech-integration does not exist in a social, cultural or political vacuum.  It is a deeply social, deeply human endeavor. 
  2. Tech-integration is both positive and negative.  The myth is that we can always predict ahead of time the costs.  Technocrats are better scientists than they are prophets. 
  3. Students and teachers need to be part geek and part guru in how they approach technology
I'm not sure if this will be self-published or published by a company.  I doubt that there is a huge market for fictional stories about nineteenth century teachers using technology.  However, I also think it's a little quirky and different and that's what makes it work. 

I'll still do some posts here. This place will continue to be where I go to to test out ideas.   


  1. I've enjoyed reading your pencil stories... they ring so true about what is happening in education today. A book could be useful for professional development.

  2. Great idea. I'd read it. Read this New Yorker piece on the iPad & publishing ( you will think more about self publishing.

  3. Really pumped about this, John. Can't wait to see what you do with your ideas in longer form.

  4. I'd buy a copy :) It's the wry humour that "sells" it for me!

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm excited about what it will become.

  6. Anonymous12:44:00 PM

    It would make a great comic book.